IMWC Part 3: Sunday October 2, 2016. Kona, Hawaii 6 days to go. BRICK 4: 1:30Bike/30minRun

I can definitely get used to waking up to the sounds of the ocean. It’s quite spectacular. We don’t typically keep the door open when we cruise so it’s a new experience. I also am only sleeping in Under Armour Compression shorts since there is no A/C. Mom and Tony couldn’t handle it and have changed hotels but I think it’s important for us as we are getting better acclimated to the heat and humidity.

We woke up at 7AM with an 8AM start. Red Bull, English Muffin, Banana, and suited up for the first time in my new Scody Australia Tri Suit. It fits incredibly well; just like my USA one and really looks good! I’m excited to race in it and represent Australia. We met Karen downstairs and warmed up down Alii Drive, up Palani Hill, and started as a group at the top of Palani heading North along the Queen K to the Airport. The 1hr15min race pace effort and 30min Run was on the plan. The first decent down the 5% Mark & Dave Hill quickly brought me up to 60kph 36mph. The road was the smoothest I’ve ever beenkona-queen-k on. I was loving it. The HR shot up immediately even at our 8:15am start time with the heat and humidity already settling in. I tried to hit race pace but HR was near 145 about 10bpm higher than normal. It’s clear that I’m still carrying lots of fatigue from the last 3 months of training and getting adjusted to the heat. The rollers weren’t bad and plenty of cyclists were out and about. Lots of flash bling out there and pro’s having sessions with sponsors. I turned at some point past the airport in the middle of the lava fields and turned around averaging around 24mph or 39kph to that point. I quickly caught up to Fiona and went past the energy lab into the headwinds with pace reducing to an overall average of 23.6mph or 38kph.  There was a lady taking pictures of me on the side of the road. I found out Monday AM that she was with Triathlete Magazine! I passed Karen chatting away with an Australia Fiona knows and I think I saw another Pro Spotting of Lionel Sanders. We finished the ride, and quickly put on shoes for the 30min run along Alii drive. I headed out on 7:42/mile and positive split the run feeling the heat and humidity. I had a gel but carried no water on this one. We got back and jumped in the pool and caught up about the workout and gave some coaching to the team.

Photos: 400m from our hotel South along Alii Drive, after the 30min run, Fiona looking very fit in the suit, and Karen finishing her run.


Back upstairs a VEGA Recovery drink with Almond Milk and Gatorade and Salt Tablet. Shower and caught up with Mom and Tony at their new hotel. We met Coach Robbo in front of Lava Java and ate lunch at a place down the street along the river. It was great to introduce Rob to the family and share stories. The Caesar Salad and Veggie Sandwich were tasty and then we went to the IRONMAN Expo where Fiona and I spent $600 between the two of us. We saw our names on the giant wall and went to Safeway for more Gatorade and bought an American Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream to show these Aussies what an American desert is all about! We also booked a Luau for Wednesday and a Helicopter Ride over the volcanoes for Thursday. Back at the condo we watched the absolutely hilarious Dirty Grandpa with DeNeiro and then had dinner at Karen’s with Spaghetti, Veggies, and Garlic Bread. The all seemed to enjoy the pumpkin pie but found Wheat Thins and most of the bread here to be disgusting; we’re all not used to the amount of sugar in American processed foods and it is really quite disturbing. There’s really no wonder why it is expected for half of Americans to be diabetic within the next few decades.

”Diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States Total: 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes. Diagnosed:21.0 million people. Undiagnosed:8.1 million people (27.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed). All ages, 2012.” As of 2015 “Half of adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes.”

The only thing to add about these statements is that my racing weight will be 178 pounds this year. It is the lowest I ever raced at. I weighed 192 pounds at Busso’13 when I ate the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). It was 183 pounds in Cairns when eating a mostly vegan diet but still a fair amount of sugar and now 178 with the only thing changing of eating less sugar. The point to this is that just because you’re an athlete doesn’t mean your healthy. And I believe through my own history that you can’t sacrifice quality nutrition even when training for Ironman. That is why I base our meals around Vegetables, Fruits, stirfrys, and pastas with as little processed foods as we can.

Happy Training.


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