Kona Prep Begins

It’s only been 2 weeks since I qualified for Kona after going 10:18 and took 18/189 M35-39 at Ironman Couer d’Alene but I am already back with quality work having recovered faster than any of my other 15Ironmans in the past. I attribute that recovery to training at quite a high level but also having less power on the bike and speed on the run than planned. Through today, July 11, 2021, I have trained 516hours which is 18.9hours per week on average. In the race as outlined in my report, I was in 260-270watt shape but only held 246NP. On the run, I only went 8:57/mile while being in 7:45/mile shape.

After the race, Fiona and I celebrated more and I brought her to the Spokane airport. I took the RV and furchildren back to Tucson. I went white water rafting in Big Sky, Montana, paddleboarding in Bear Lake, Utah, and then when I got to Moab, had my first run back after 5 days completely off: 5.5 miles in 100F, hills, and wind. The next day on July 4th was a 5mile run at Homoloki State Park east of Flagstaff at 5,000′. Then, it was Monday and training for Kona began with the goal of 40-45miles of running for the week and back to the Hansons Marathon Method that will see run volume peak at 63miles and a long run of 16miles. Compare tgis with Kona prep 2019 and my peak mileage was 43miles and longest run being 20miles which is terrible considering my long run was nearly 50% of weekly mileage.

Tuesday at home I felt fresh on 6x800meters but the speed of up to 6:23/mile left me sore through this moment as I sit in an Epson Salt bath. This was the fastest 800 effort in 5 months so not a surprise.

Wednesday was a 1hr38minntrainer ride with 6x5min from Joe Friel Your Best Triathlon. My CDA analysis told me I need to work more threshold work so those watts of 331-341 were quite strong with an FTP of 337.

Hansons Tempo 10K on Thursday avgeraging 6:56/mile was painful on the calfs but HR was strong 141 Tempo and Friday was 3xEpic KOM which I am adding in as my 2nd quality session of the week to prepare me for the climb in Kona to Hawi. This will be key this sessionnjust like Volcano KOM was for for CDA. 304, 307, 302 watts was very taxing for a 118TSS ride. I then went for an Easy 6M Brick in Tucsons 101F heat and I had a very hard bonk walking most of it to get back home.

I am also now committed to AM swims to avoid the heat, monsoons, and better stage 2 workouts during the day so Tu Th was up at 5:15am for 2.7KM swims. My 3rd swim was on Saturday of 3.7KM with an 8M run and 60min easy bike.

That brings me to Sunday with a late wake up and a hangover from our first house party in 2 years. Plan was 5hr ride, 8M run, and swim but scrapped the swim since I started late and didnt yet want a 7hr training day.

The bike strated Easy and I was glued to the Facebook CDA coverage that I watched for all 5 hours with a little pause at 3hr30. I fueled with left over rice krispie treats gummy worms, coke, banana, clif bar, caffiene drinks, gatorade and water. The ride was excellent since I am recovered and fresh. I incorporated ADZ at 2hr30 to simulate Hawi and for the ride avg 240/243NP and 260TSS. Compare this to CDS of 224/246NP and 278TSS, it was quite a massive ride. I went into the Normatec for an hour for some recovery before my 8.7mile run to make 45 for the week and 18hr30min week. I watched TTL and Breakfast with Bob, getting excited to be there for Chris Nickic who will be the first person with Down Syndrome to attempt Kona (he is already an Ironman from Florida).

Tune in and subscribe to follow my progress up to the October 9th date. My training will continue to be specific to Kona and put me in a position to have my best ever Kona. 10:21, 10:26, ?

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