Fiona’s RockNRoll 3:36:57 in San Diego

We are heading back from an amazing weekend get away to San Diego. Fiona competed in the Rock n Roll Marathon finishing 7th F35-39 in 3:36:57. She wanted a BQ in 3:30 but the course was definitely tough and its a marathon… definitely no such thing as an easy one. As for me, I had a DNS (Did not start). This is the 2nd race ever I hadn’t started second to 2013 Great Ocean Road Marathon, Australia when Plantar Fasciitis was so bad I couldnt run down the hall. This time, the PF has lasted for 15 months creeping up from a 3 of 10 pain to a 6 of 10 to an 8 of 10 pain. After the IRONMAN World Championship when foot was an 8 or 9 pain a month ago, leading me to run walk the last half, I was still able to push off. I took 2 weeks off, the longest break off of running in 4.5 years when I had one run over 3 weeks traveling cross country from AZ to NJ.

Over this 4.5 years, I have finished, 2-50K ultras, 2-50mile ultras, 5 Ironmans including 2 World Championships, and 6 marathons not including halfs or 70.3s, so yea, not surprised. I was running every other day and ran Monday 3.7m till I couldnt push off, and that did it. My MRI is this week. I am expecting a stress fracture on my mini toe due to me off loading my heal onto the side of my foot. Will know more this week.

Ok, so we drove the 6hrs Tucson to San Diego and the expo, straight to $20 parking. We walked around the water front past $50million yachts and back to the car. We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn on Bayfront. We got it for $188 per night with Raytheon discount, down from $488. Parking was $39. The view of the USS Midway was epic as were the views of the Bay looking over to the other aircraft carriers. Fi did a 3M run that I took Mums bike alongside. We went for an incredible and quite decently priced dinner in Little Italy, amazing food. Cocktail from the 5th floor looking over the harbor at night.

Saturday we got free brekky from the hotel and walked over to the Midway and explored the decks and planes. Then we headed to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. My favourite was the Tiger but the Rhinos were amazing. We walked over 7miles and my foot was totally trashed. Target for food, we had some hot pockets and linguini with sauce for dinner and a bottle of California Pinot Noir.. Fi had a glass.

Race Day
Up at 415am. I drove Fi to near the start and dropped her off. Walkers and runners were all over the city heading to the 615am start. I drove back and picked up the bike and headed back the 2.5miles and up the hill. I found Fi near Coral 2 of 30 for her 3:30 expected time. We chatted and wished her all the best! I rode on the course and was a mile down the road and runners were still heading to the start only 5min away… way to be prepared people. I saw an awesome bridge at mile 2 and went to the top and saw the elites who went 2:28-2:35 for the full and 1:04-1:08 for the half. Then I saw Fiona!

For the next 21 miles I rode just near Fi cheering her and the 3:30 pace group all morning long making sure she ate her gels, and got in fluids. I alao had a 7am Tequilla shot at Mile 4.5 aid station. I figured out she was in 8th running next to 9th position and let Fi know. The other girl blew up by mile 20 just after mile 18 when Fis legs got quite hravy and she slowly fell off the pace group. I nearly got kicked off the highway by the PoPos but showed my bib and made it on for the hardest part next to Fi. The music and DJs were livin it up every mile. Just at the top of the major hill a cop kicked me off and then I got lost near the zoo. I was riding hard and then over a 50-100foot bridge I saw Fiona from her Yo Yo Yo Sam Long singlet. I looped around through Balboa park, past the museuns and got to mile 26. I saw Fiona and cheered her in nearly the whole final stretch!

We got some free Heineken 0.0 beers then went to the beer garden for some free alcohol filled drinks. Outside of San Diego we hit up In n Out burger.

This is the first time I have spectated a race and it was fun to pace Fiona. She was the only girl around for big segments and fought through the final hills never walking a single step which is a huge accomplishment. I was gutted to not be able to run with her. Injury is the worst thing about being an athlete but even the worlds best push the limit.

Fiona was coached this season by Becca Kawaoka. She just took overall amateur at a 70.3 and her hubby just ran me down for the third time at the St George Ironman. Fiona was able to find her motivation, commitment, and discipline this season by Beccas coaching.

The rest of the year will include Clash Watkins Glen in 5 weeks, 70.3 Ironman World Championship in St George, Utah, and Ironman Arizona. Fi will be joining me at IMAZ. Hopefully I can get this foot healed!

Congratulations Fiona! Building blocks!!

One response to “Fiona’s RockNRoll 3:36:57 in San Diego

  1. Awesome job! Be proud of your terrific accomplishment Fiona. Great support from the hubby and happy you were able to obtain a fabulous coach to get back your motivation and commitment! Strong 💪 girl!!! So proud of you both. Tried to reach out several times this weekend. Keep up the great work and hoping Kevin gets the rest and treatment he needs to heal fully! Love you both. Mom and Tony


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