IMWC Part 8: Friday October 7, 2016. Kona, Hawaii 1 day to go. Full Rest

The day started off around 8AM. Dad and Donna came over soon and we reunited for the first time since Fiona and I celebrated with a USA wedding in June 2014. We attended to our gear and prepared our bags and bikes to be brought to Transition.

As a team, Fiona, Karen, and myself went over all our gear and nutrition to insure everything was prepared adequately. We skipped the pre swim and pre run so that we could prepare our bags and didn’t feel like the additional stress was necessary.


Karen headed off earlier since the check-in time was 12-2:30 for her. Fiona and I checked in around 3:30 after riding down the few miles from the hotel down Alii Drive. The atmosphere was incredible and we saw our parents down there as well. The 2016 Kona Count was in full gear with nearly 30 people looking at everything we had on our bikes to report what the Worlds Best Athletes have. So I’ll report that here: Argon 18 E119 Tri+, Quarq Power Meter, 55/11 Shimano Dura-Ace, 172.5 crank arms, Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals, Zipp 808 NSW (Front & Back), XLAB Versa 500 Torpedo, Garmin 500 Computer, XLAB Stealth 100 with the integrated Bento Box of the Argon, Shimano 11 speed chain.

A volunteer brought me through the full Transition and showed me the area. I let out air of my tyres and helped Fiona as well. When we let her air out, the tape blew off. The next morning we would have to fix this tyre in Transition but thankfully it didn’t cause a flat or any issues in Fionas race.

Upon exiting transition, we met up with Dad and Donna. We then drove the entire bike course since we had yet to see it. The Islands shape allows one to see 40 – 80 km out of the course and I said that we’re going way up there. We saw the port, the climb to Hawi, and had a better visualization of the course. I thought it was vital and imperative that we see the course but we didn’t have time throughout the busy week.

Back home I cooked up white pasta with Classico Pesto and white bread. I also had 2-3 glasses of Ruffino Chianti.

With 7 ½ days in Kailua-Kona, I felt that we were acclimatized well to the heat and humidity. I was also confident in my abilities and quite excited to race. I arrived at 178pounds and weighed 186 pounds the night before gaining 8 pounds or nearly 4kgs during the week as I carbo-loaded with nearly 1kg of Carbs on Thursday and Friday including LCMs, Snakes, Sprite, and a ton of Gatorade throughout the week. The lack of any fruit or vegetables and Thurs/Friday except for some at the Welcome Banquet set me up to maximize my Glycogen levels and limit any digestive issues during the race. Every 1g of carbs = 2g of water retention. So all that high fat, low carb bull shit does mean you will lose weight within days but that’s because you’re losing water; not fat.

We headed off to bed around 8:30/9pm with the alarm set for 4AM.  During the night I had the runs. I had 2 things of immodium and then one in the morning. With much less wine consumed over the last 6 months was having the wine a mistake? Maybe 3 glasses but I did have possibly 2 glasses the night before IM Cairns with Jock, Karen, and Fiona.

The next post will be my race report.

I hope you have enjoyed this multi-part series. Unless you are in Kona or find a blog with this amount of detail, it’s hard to understand what it’s all about and even then it is nothing that can be told all that well; it must be experienced.

Anything is Possible.


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