IMWC Part 7: Thursday October 5, 2016. Kona, Hawaii 2 days to go. Full Rest Day.

_dsc0940_dsc0955_dsc0969_dsc1020_dsc1060_dsc1073_dsc0042_dsc0076_dsc0108_dsc0120_dsc0122_dsc0131_dsc0134_dsc0147_dsc0150_dsc0151_dsc0153We started the day off with our carbo-loading adventures that continued through the entire day. We drove down to a parking spot and then I ran off to the King K hotel for the start of the Undie Run. I joined probably 2,000-3,000 other people running maybe 2km in our underwear. Fiona took some photos as well as Mom and Tony whom I had tossed my shorts and shirt to when I noticed them in the bleachers. I had a smile on my face the whole time and found it really quite amusing. We regrouped and had a fruit smoothie.

We all jumped in the car and we drove up Palani hill up and over the top of the volcanoes. It’s a barren world up there surrounded with greenery and quite stunning to see the lava flows.

We headed to the Hilo Airport for a Paradise Helicopters ride. It was a first experience for Mom and Tony but I’ve had the fortunate opportunities to do this already in NYC, NZ, the Hunter Valley, the Western MacDonnell Ranges, and Kauai Island. But this was only the 2nd time I’ve been in a helicopter without doors. So much more of a thrill and a whole lot of fun!

For lunch we ate at a dive of a pizza shop in Hilo and then headed back. On the way along Alii Drive, Fiona spotted Tim Van Berkel. He’s another one of my favorites since he’s Aussie, an incredible athlete, and a guy with a classy and unique style. We talked with him after IM Cairns at the awards function (he won there). I yelled out to him Go Berks! (Since his mates call him Berks). He said back Thanks Mate, and cheers guys. He looked so happy to be there running and it was great to witness it.

Then after a quick change as we headed to the Welcome Banquet I’m walking down the stairs of our hotel and low and behold, it was Lionel Sanders. We chatted for a few minutes and like all the pro’s I’ve met, just an awesome guy. And he was staying at our hotel one floor down! So Cool!

We took Karen with us and caught up with mom and Tony. We were treated to all the typical things at an IM Welcome Event and the food was actually really really yummy. To the car, back home, and back into the Normatec’s. I’m going to get quite used to using these! My favorite thing about them is the pressure; that it feels like a massage but completely wrapped around your leg. Massage has been a key component to my training that I use once every 4 weeks in recovery weeks but now to have it every day means I’m looking forward to speeding up recovery.

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