Cave Creek 50KM pre-race.

2020, nothing more can be said than has already been said. We just gotta deal with it and “keep moving forward”. So when the Tucson Marathon was cancelled on October 30th, just 5 weeks before race day, I told myself, “I gotta race”. So I went to and found the Cave Creek 50KM in Phoenix; a race that had already been delayed from COVID to December 19th. The timing would be perfect. This was the start of my 2 week holiday from Raytheon, it was just before Christmas, it was a week before Ironman Couer d’Alene training would begin and after running 2,520miles in the year (a 40% increase over any year prior, I knew I would have a good shot at breaking 5 hours on my 2nd attempt and improve over my 5:21 at the Oracle 50KM in 2018. (32.5miles)

So I ramped up my miles even more running 70+ mile weeks 3 weeks in a row including running a 3:38 marathon distance at 6,000′ at Lyman Lake, Arizona during Thanksgiving break.

In race week I took Mon/Tues off and went to bed around 8:30 as I was too tired. Then I ran 6, 5, 4 miles with 5x90s, 4x90s and 3x90s at 7:00/mile. I carboloaded for 2 days with lots of Sprite, pizza, bread, and airhead bites. I am 180pounds and feeling pretty decent. I am happy that I get to race tomorrow but I am also interested in what I am capable of.

This year I ran a 3:24 and 3:03 treadmill marathons with the 3:38 at altitude. I have also run around 150miles at altitude. So when I think of running 30miles, I dont fear it. But I am curious. To run 5hours I have to run 9:39/mile. Having run 26.2 miles at 7:00/mile, surely that is achievable. But trail running is no joke and this climbs 2,800′. My race plan will be to hold 8:30, no faster, and then pick it up on the decents after 25miles… easier said than done.

I will be wearing my Kona Wattie Ink kit, Nathan Vapor pack with 2 Liters of Electrolytes, carrying 4 cliff blocks, 2 BOOM gels, and a HotShot. I will have my newer Altra Duo 1.5 shoes, UA socks, Wattie Cap, gloves and will be listening to music via amazon and sirius radio.

I do expect my weak hamstrings to act up by 20miles but hope the soft trails alleviate them. When times get tough, I will look to gratiutde. Stay tuned.

We are ataying at the Cave Creek Campground in our RV. Fiona is driving up laste after work and will be running the half marathon after her 3:39 marathon 2 weeks ago. Roxy and Sydney are here. Tomorrow, hopefully after all goes well, steak and beer over the fire I reckon! Game On!!!

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