Racing Plan Update: Cave Creek 50KM

A week ago I came out of work (I am essential and go in everyday wearing a mask, getting temperature checked, and answering a survey), and saw crushing news; The Tucson Marathon was cancelled. I was infuriated. I expected my past races of IRONMAN Ireland (June) to get cancelled and then IRONMAN St. George, Utah (September) to get cancelled as well. I deferred 70.3 Arizona which actually still went on, and ran the Wineglass Marathon virtually. (Updated Results of 3:03 finish was 3/24 A/G and 5/345 Overall. But, I had hope that Tucson Marathon would go on. However, over the last 2 days #1 USA had 100,000 and then 120,000 cases which is going to be leading to 2,000+ per day dead within 8 weeks, so, I am not surprised that this race was cancelled. But, the reason I was furious was because trump did this to us. No mask mandate, labor day, and other terrible reasons have led me to be impacted. Sure, Fiona got less work and I have to wear a mask but this COVID19 hasn’t really impacted me until now. That being said, I took a moment to be infuriated but know that I care more about saving lives (WE vs ME) than having a race and putting others at risk alongside several thousand runners. It sucks. Whatever.

So I will run the Tucson Marathon next year. I have very little hope that the Mesa Marathon will go on, my 3rd shot at Sub3 and a BQ will go on because by mid-February, we will be in an absolute shit-storm of death and Mesa is the 29th largest marathon in the USA with 10,000+ runners.

Like I said, i took Friday and Saturday to be pissed, still doing my training, but for what? I had an idea of ramping up to all-time best miles in a week of 102 but thought “I need to race”. So I went to the reliable website and found the Cave Creek 50KM Ultra marathon north of Phoenix. Since my training for Ironman Couer d’Alene starts Dec 26th, I figured the December 19th race would give me time to build more miles to expand my 2020 miles north of 2,600+, allow me to be competitive, and reach for the goal of running Sub5. It’s still not officially on on but hopefully it will be… there were only 45 athletes in the 19′ running.

I have revised my training plan for the rest of the year to increase run volume. In the subsequent weeks my volume will increase from 62, 63, 71, 72, 81, 62, 56, 51(race week). Also I am cycling again with 1hr Monday, 90min Wednesday, 1hr Friday, 2hr-3hr Saturday, 1hr Sunday in an effort to get back into the preparation phase for IMID. Swimming wont start till after the race due to Covid.

Today Fiona and I ran 10miles on the Arizona trail and tomorrow I will be running 18miles. My training plan will follow the same Hansons Marathon Method yet expand the long run from 16 to 18, 20, 18, 26.2miles, 13.1, and 10 and I now plan on running trails every Sat/Sun.

total wipeout at the half. light sprain of my index finger

My real first and official 50K was in 2019 and the recap is here. If this race is fortunate enough to go on, then my hope will be to run Sub5 hours, improving on my time by 25minutes. I believe I am fit enough to do that but pacing will be key.

To support me in this new endurance goal, I am retiring my AltraAspire Hydration Vest and have bought a Nathan Men’s Hydration Running Vest VaporAir 7L Capacity with 2.0 L Water Bladder.

Stay Tuned. Wear a mask and stay socially distant if possible!

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