2021 Ironman Couer d’Alene and 50miler training Rest week.

Its Base 2, Rest and test week. I have 2 weeks till my 50mile trail race in Las Vegas and 15 weeks till Ironman Coeur d’Alene. For 11 weeks now I have been building some really strong fitness on par with some of the best fitness levels I have ever had. The graph below shows my weekly volume with back to back 24hour training weeks while working 44 hour week and 36 hour weeks with a 9/80 schedule.

The volume has increased by running up to 28miles which I did last week at 9:34/mile climbing 3,000′ and averaging an elevation of 4,700′. The run was highlighted on the recent Patagonia video and Box Canyon via That Triathlon Life on YouTube. The bike has also hit 5hours for the last 2 weeks after building from 90minutes during Prep week 1. The best part about today was riding the full 5 hours without stopping once, fueled by ClifBars, Mandarins, Coke, ShotBloks, and Hawaiin Punch.

Last week was the run peak of 72miles but was previously surpassed 3X. It has taken 2 years to get to this point. 2019 was 1,782miles. 2020 was 2,583 miles, a 45% increase focusing on breaking 3hours. So far in 2021 with 681miles in 72 days, I am on pace for 3,452miles a 34% increase. Its not surprising that averaging 66miles per week for 10 weeks has brought on a light case of Plantar Fasciitis, the first I have had for 8 years. I am using THE CURE, THE STRASSBURG SOCK. I am not too concerned yet but doing what I can to manage it.

So Friday was my 9/80 Off day. I headed out on my Argon18 for the first ride outside in 6months maybe. I held 331watts for 30min at a LTHR of 144HR. At a 77% Intensity Factor this is 255 watts which I have held in several Ironmans but is short of my FTP lifetime PB of around 346. With 15 weeks to go, I am looking forward to more progress!!! I am not far off from previous fitness here!

One of the coolest things about this effort was getting on the leaderboard behind some pro cyclists with 740ppl behind me.

After the early FTP I headed to the TrainingRoom #2 and ran a 1:50 half marathon while watching Challenge Miami. I was cheering all my favourites and those training here in Tucson and Arizona such as Lionel Sanders, Jackson, Kanute, Lagerstrom, Findlay, Vondrachek, etc. So thankful to live here in Tucson!! After the race it was to the Free Clements 25yard pool for my 1k TT.

I did a 500m warmup of free/nonfree, 500 of drills, and then got to work with a pull bouy. (I swim 90% of the time with a pull bouy to simulate wetsuit and my legs are quite heavy. I have been doing 100s in 1:21/100yrd and 200s in 1:22/100yrd over the last month while swimming 4-5x week so was hoping for 1:24/100yard. My TrainingPeaks was set to 1:27/100 so expected to be over eatimating my swim metrics. My first 200ish was on a quick 1:19 and then juat maintained form and finished in 13:44 at 1:22/100 yards. This equates to a 56:48 Ironman so puts me right where I need to be to break 1hr and hopefull get under 59. My PB is a 55 but that was on a favourable course at Ironman Australia 2015.

cupThis week I am doing a virtual St Patricks Day Half marathon so stay tuned for that. It will be interesting. I stopped doing quality work the last few weeks as injury was coming and volume was high. I signed up for the jacket and found the event on facebook raising money for charity. Run volume will come down and I will have to carefully balance triathlon, a taper, race form, etc as a self-coached athlete. But, its been 2 years since my first 50miler and I know I am way better preparred for the 10hour day this time around from the trail running, run volume, and 5-7hour training days during the weekend.

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