50 Mile Trail Trashed, Race Week (Las Vegas)

my new soft bottle is awesome. That Triathlon Life hat covered in salt. Mt Lemmon in the background
Heading on Arizona Trail towards Santa Ritas

My 2nd ever 50miler is in 6 days at Bitter Springs, Nevada located 45 minutes from Sams Town where I have 3 free nights to stay. I will be driving up the 6 hours on Friday morning and racing the next day.

I am currently on the trainer typing in the aero position on my Argon 18 E119 Tri+ before heading to an epson salt bath with a protein fruit smoothie. I am on the bike for 72minutes in order to hit 21hours of training for the week. See this is Base 3, Week 1, and while my goal is to break 10hours in this 50miler, I also want to break 10hours and try to get Top 5 M35-39 at the 2021 Ironman Couer d’Alene in Idaho. Run volume decreased from 72.7, 69, 72.1, 58.8, 44.3 over the last 5 weeks and this week will only have 20ish miles leading up to the race. During this time swim volume has picked up during 4-5weekly swims with Fridays 5,000yard swim and todays 4,700yard swim. The bike volume has also picked up from 4hr, 4hr30, 5hr, 5hr, and 6hr yesterday with the last weeks ride being non-stop inside on the trainer. In terms of time, all this ramping up during building weeks and then recovery weeks has included 18.3hr, 20.7hrs, 23.9hrs, 23.9hrs, 19hrs, and now 21hours this week over swim, bike, and run. In a sense, training for a 50miler during Ironman training is probably not advised for 95% of the people out there but with back to back days of 6 and 7 hour training weeks like 2 weeks ago or a 7.7hr training day like 3 weeks ago, is exactly what has given me the aerobic and muscular endurance that I believe will be the attributing factors in getting me towards my goal.

That being said, running 50 miles and a big f*ing deal. Besides nutrition, hydration, and being mentally preparred for something I didnt think I would be back at doing, just 2 years later when I went 11:07 taking 7th of 77 at Old Pueblo in Sonoita, AZ, well I must be thankful back to my roots, Trevor Lavierre, the marathoner/ultra runner who encouraged me to try a 10mile race now 13 years ago. Meeting him set the entire course of my life.

Sydney booboos
Roxypoo i love this Hansons elite singlet. My tattoo is from Kona 2016 with me and Fionas name since we competed togegher

Lastly, this week I did a virtual half marathon. It was pretty sucky for me because I had to hit the loo at 5M and 12M which cauzed my running time of 1:39 to elapse to 1:45. I had been tired for most of the week with 2 days iff of training due to 2 late nights of work. I respect anyone who wakes up early and trains at 4am or at 9pm on the other side based off of family demands but for me, I just cant get up to train and once I see 6pm without having done any training yet, i just say no. My cadence ia based around big Saturday/Sundays, Tues/Thurs swims at 2pm and weekly training from 430pm till 7pm. But this is what works for me. You Do You.

Thanks for reading!

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