Training for the 2021 Ironman World Championship, St George in 2022

27 Days to go till I get to compete in yet another Ironman and by the grace of God, my third World Championship. I have been training for 13 consistent weeks now averaging 18.3hrs per week over swim, bike, run. I have had one total day off last Thursday for a work happy hour and one monday off on which I lifted, 2 days after my 3:07 Mesa marathon. So lets check in and see how I have progressed since December 27, 2021.

I started at 189.6lbs after taking 5 days off over Christmas while travelling from AZ to NC to NJ. I was daunted about 5-6 hour rides and 20hr weeks having just focused on purely running since I qualified at 70.3 Arizona for Worlds. But, just like a race, bit by bit and I would get there. I bought a new Tul binder to stay organized, used Joe Friel to set a periodization schedule of Base 1, Base 2, Build 1, Build 2, Peak 1, Peak 2, Race with 3 weeks on, 1 week off through build 2.

Swim: 4-5 swims per week up to 4k primarily. Every single session is free/nonfree warm up 500m, then drills for 500m, then 200s-400s, and a cool down. I use fins, paddles, and pull bouy. So far I tested at 1:02:28, 1:02:20, 1:02:10 with pull in 25m pool. The consistency has been there except for 2 weeks after I got a tattoo that I had been waiting 2 years for of little Miss Sydney.

So I hope to break 1hr with a wetsuit at Sandy Hollow on race day. I have gone sub 1hour before, last time at IMAZ 2018 when I qualified for 2019 Kona.

For the run, the goal was a sub3 at Mesa but didnt get there. I did set my 3rd best after 3:02, 3:03 (treadmill) and 3:06 but had more. The race was great and we are registered for next year already.

So my approach was to reduce volume from Hansons Marathon method volume by 20% and still be close to 50miles per week. My plantar fasciitis has been bad for 6m-1yr now so that has been a struggle after years without it. I adjusted quality training from speed to hills using our Bowflex treadmill for 3min Threshold intervals at 10% and seesaw endurance runs at 5% and -2% to mimic race day. My long run is up to 20miles on gravel roads up Box Canyon and altitude in South Tucson and I will repeat next week with 3 weeks to go as my last long run. Volume will stay above 40miles per week but havnt yet planned this. I am doing more bricks than ever before of 5km off long bikes every weekend and some times on Friday quality rides too.

The bike, my strength has been very consistent with a lot of solid work including lots of sweet spot intervals on Alpe du Zwift 290-310watts 88%-94% of FTP and long rides up to 6hrs plus an epic 151mile 8.5hr ride from Sahuarita to Mt Lemmon Summit and Mission Rd back home. FTP is at 328 and I would like to test this on Mt Lemmon this Saturday. This will be at the start of my last long ride of 5hrs which will bring 5hr+ rides to 10 for the season.

power meter broke 90min in

Testing. I have done Big Day Outs since 2013 including 1hr swim, 5hr ride, 2hr run with 90min breaks, all at race pace. I have since adjusted and now test over 3 days. Friday I did the 3rd swim test above, biked Alpe du Zwift x2 + Epic KOM for 10,000’+ and held 252/254NP, 253/260NP, and 253/256NP the last being Friday. All were basically the same course, 5hr tests, and non-stop. So that definitely is along the lines of the best fitness I have had on a bike so race strategy will be absolutely critical and knowing which numbers to hit when.

Weight is now 179lbs 8% fat and down 10lbs, resting HR is around 37, and all health testing is in the optimal range with no medication. I take Iron, Magnesium, Calcium supplements and plant protein after key sessions.

So I am getting pretty stoked but have been quite fatigurd and tired the last 2 weeks so I will continue being mostly plant based while not necessarilly restricting myself. This race is going to be epic. I signed up over 2 years ago since the legacy of this course. Then found myself qualified for the IMWC there after deferring to IMCDA. Although Fiona wont be there, my Dad and stepmom will be which is pretty exciting. I dont necessarily have goals for the race although sub10 would be amazing on this course and require 1hr swim, 5hr10min bike, 10 t1/2, 3:40bike, but who knows really… Stay tuned to May 7th!!!

2 responses to “Training for the 2021 Ironman World Championship, St George in 2022

  1. You’ve been training hard for years to reach your highest potential! Wishing you a great championship race and hope that you reep the rewards of your commitment and persistency. Love Mom and Tony


  2. When are you leaving for Utah. I’ve reached out last Saturday and this Monday but haven’t heard back. I wanted to call to wish you the best race


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