2022 70.3 Ironman World Championship St George Lead Up 1 of 2.

Friday 10/21/22 – Up at 5am, 2.2KM swim with 200 w/u, 4x500m 2 with pull, 2 with pull/paddle watching the sunrise. Took wifey Fiona for breakfast burrito, and drove 9hrs from Sahuarita, AZ to St. George, UT through Flagstaff and Navajo lands; one of the most beautiful rides imaginable. I arrived at a B&B near the top of Snow Canyon, right off the bike course. 4.3mile run by lava flows, and then foodstore for TV dinners. I qualified with a 3rd place at 70.3 Arizona a year ago in 4:39. Having already qualified and registered for the 2021 Ironman World Championship in St George to be held in May 2022, I easily jumped at the chance since the world champs of both distances will probably never be held on the same course, in the same year again, and I think thats brag worthy!

Saturday 10/22/22. Host gave me a danish, fruit, and juice. I then headed for my long ride with goal of 5hrs since this would be a big day out weekend and 4 weeks till IMAZ. I set up my new Wahoo Bolt that I got brand new since the plastic was peeling back, I asked, and got a new one. I also had to set up a brand new XLAB Superwing since I have dropped my Argon18 LunchBox 3x over the last few months. I headed to Snow Canyon with PB goal and close to FTP of 350watts. I went at 2min power of 357, 5min of 346, 10min of 340, and hung on to 339 watts or 97% of FTP for the full 17:05, 3.87mile climb avg 4.2% grade. After the ride I found that I was 7th out of 56 behind 3 Pros who went 3min faster on the same wattage but weigh 30-50pounds less than my 181lb self. I also set a 2min25sec PB over 70.3 StG 2018 at 285 watts. I am now ranked 336/12,612 top 2.7%. I went down the bike path and over to Center street where I got stung by a bee on my arm. Last time stung may have been during Ironman Mont Tremblant 2012 when I got stung on the butt at 22mph??? wierd. I headed on Gunlock loop to relive IMWC with goal of around IM race pace ~280watts @80% IF. I held 273watts on the 1,300′ climb past cows and horses and up some sweet grades into a headwind moving at 8.9mph on “The Wall”. This segment with favourable headwind put me 30th for the year of 2,174 mostly from the IMWC. The wind back was rediculous and my disc was on but I just dealt with it and handled it just fine. Back to the gas station at the base of Snow Canyon, I was starting to suffer in the mind from lack of salt and only 3 bottles over 4hrs… proving what I need come race day. A solid ride. 4hr50min, 95.5miles, 6,400′ ascend 208/249NP. Back at the B&B, boston market tv dinner, epson salt bath, and a bottle of Reisling.

Indie Lee placed 11th Pro Female in the Race!

Sunday 10/23/22 – There was a winter storm warning for 3 days and the mountains over St George got snow. So it was absolutley freezing. 42F and a high of the low 50s. I wore a long sleeve top over a singlet, lucky to have brought some warm clothes. I ran 14miles on the 2021 IMWC run course non stop with a bronze 2022 half of 1:49 going easy and steady. I wore a camelback waist belt that I will do come race day to practice for IMAZ because I have not been getting enough salt in my races. I went to a cool doughnut shop, one of the only places open in Mormon country. I went back downtown later on in the day and ran another 5miles. Foot pain is a 3/4. I wore heel cups, took it easy but had good pace. Been trying to get to the point of running without pain, eventually I will get there. Finished with Epson Salt bath and a bottle of Malbec. No swim, pools closed, no bike, too damn cold.

Monday 10/24/22 – After some Banana Bread from the B&B, I got a haircut, went to the Expo for some gear, Walmart for some sweatpants, and went to Washington Rec Center for a 4,200yard swim. The pool was packed and I haven’t swam in lanes with people like this in 5+ years. I saw some Pro female, unsure who, and this was the place the Norwegians trained at in their videos. 8×500. First 6 with pull, last 2 pull/paddle all on 1:24-1:28/100yrd. Then I headed to the start of the bike course for an easy 1hr spin covering the first 8miles of the course.

Tuesday 10/25/22 – I ran with Pros Ben Kanute and Emma Pallant Browne for a Santini/Hoka run/brekky. 3miles, 28min on the day was it. Reminised of running with Dean Karnanzes at the Kuaui Marathon in 2009. I got into Bens Vlog and the Fightin Chance Video too! Had a relaxing moment on a bench for a minute, then went to the wildlife museum. Finished the day watching some Ironkids.

Wednesday 10/26/22 – Up early for a practice swim at Sand Hollow Resevoir in wetsuit at time of race. Water 65F and not too cold. Did 900yards in 14min, not too happy with the speed so hoping to focus really hard come race day. Biked 18miles in 51min testing new gloves, wahoo, and new XL wind vest. Went back to the doughnut shop for another 2 🙂 Went to see Sam Long and got his autograph, big fan, and then Veyo Pies for 2 slices. Finished it with the Welcome Banquet.

Thursday – 10/27/22: I woke up later and then went for a 35min bike at around 9am to test the set up at race time temps. I went to the top of snow canyon and did 2x2min at 350 watts FTP and another minute as well. I did a 2.5mile 20min run a little later off the bike at 8:06/mile. I headed back to Washington for a 3,200yard swim. I saw someone in a wetsuit. I stopped at the wall and saw the person talking to another person wearing a wetsuit. Then I saw the RedBull cap and I now knew why I had seen flashes from a camera going off. I was swimming next to Kristian Blummemfeldt, Olympic Gold Champion, Ironman World Champion. Incredible. On my last 2 500’s with paddles and pull bouy, I was alone next to Kristian just watching in awe. He passed me and I went hard to try and hang touching 1:15/100yard and watching him pull away. It reminded me of 2015 on our drive from Alice Springs, Australia to Ironman Australia in Port MacQuarie, we stopped in Noosa and swimming right next to Fi and I was Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs. This time, I had the balls to ask the Champ for a photo… legend. Bottle of Champagne with dinner.

Friday – 10/28/22: I woke up 6:45 and drove to the Starbucks at the top of Diagonal St. Chai and bagel and Laptop on to Outside TV. I watched till American Taylor Knibb reached the top of Snow Canyon, then grabbed the B&B lounge chair and went to the course watching the Pro Ladies coming into town. I positioned myself at the top of Diagonal able to see the Pros 4X. The racing was incredible and the ladies were so strong. I saw all the Pros Fionas Coach Becca who came 5th Amateur in basically a 3-way tie. It was super fun. Then I dropped off my bike and bag, and run bag. Super stoked. I know how strong I am but dont know how well I will be able to translate my fitness onto the road and into a race. I’d like to go sub 30 since IMAZ goal is sub 1hr. I’d like to go sub 2:25 but really have a 90min power goal of 300-315 watts. The run is the uncertainty. Minimum would be 8:12/mile or 1:47 (3:35IMAZ goal) but sub 1:42 from my 2018 time would be great. Follow me on the Ironman Tracker app bib 1287 or watch on Outside TV.

Fi’s Coach Becca Kawaoka

This is what I do. This is what I am. Swim 1.2mikes, Bike 56 mikes, run 13.1miles.

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  1. Just had a chance to read your week prior to the big WC!!! Crazy busy! You’re hard work and dedication to what you love and who you are payed off! Now to read your race report!

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