2023: Road to Ironman Lake Placid

It’s the start of my 13th year in triathlon and my 11th year competing in IRONMAN. This year will see Fiona and I compete together at Ironman Lake Placid, 70.3 Santa Cruz, and the Tucson marathon. There will be 5K’s, a 10K, parkruns, half marathons, and cycling events.

Since IMArizona 2 months ago, my training has been 25%-35% of normal load with little cycling and even less swimming. But, I have kept run volume at fair levels of 8 to 40 miles per week. Foot pain has remained between 1-4 levels of pain and is always present but tolerable.

I will continue this year as a self-coached athlete while Fiona gets trained in her 2nd year with top amateur athlete Becca Kawaoka.

We went to Australia for 2 weeks during Christmas/NYE. We visited friends and family from Aubury, Victoria, to Adelaide, South Australia, solidifying our near-term goal of moving from Tucson to Adelaide.

On Day 1, after 24 hours of traveling, Fionas sister Jennifer, a multi-time IM finisher, brought us to Ballarat, home to running legend Steve Monaghetti. We ran his loop around the site of the 1956 Olympic rowing center. The next day, Christmas Eve, the Wallaby Parkrun, Ballarat. Fi ran with Jennifer and her man, Paul. I went for it finishing the 5K free run in 21:59 at 10th/128 Overall and 7:05/mile.

Over the next 2 weeks, I had V energy drinks, drank Shiraz daily, ate meat pies, Fish n Chips, and put on a 5-10pound solid gut baby. I weighed in at 194.2pounds, up from 179.2 pounds before IMAZ. However, I ran almost daily through the bush and paddocks, around the Stawell Gift, over rivers and hills. Over Gold mines, parks, and along the St Vincent Gulf.

That brought us to the final day and another parkrun in Torquay, Vic. In my 10th overall parkrun, I came on 36th/387 overall along the sea in 21:33 at 6:57/mile. I also got to run next to an Olympian in the steeplechase!

We eventually got back to Tucson and started getting on it day 1. We dwindled the remaing meat, eggs, and butter in the house to focus on mostly a plant-based season. I also put on hold all liquor, energy drinks, and most junk food. So far, it has been going well and I am losing roughly a pound per week on 10hrs of training.

Yesterday, we did our local Himmel Parkrun in Tucson. I went for it finishing 1st, my 3rd Gold out of 42 in 21:15 at 6:51/mile. Still well off my PB, on an uneven course. It was 30F, freezing but got it done, getting faster.


Weekly runs have included 400m intervals at 5K pace on the mill, Tempo runs at Hansons Marathon Method 7:53/mile, and I extensed my long run from 10 to 12 miles.

We stopped by to see Tom of http://www.tomsbicyclerepair.com. He helped us really quick with Fionas gravel bike and I also gave him my Zipp 808 NSW rear wheel that he is changing from rim to disc brake. We are in the process of building up my 3rd TT bike, which I can’t wait for. I was able to get an Argon E119 Tri+ Disc frameset out of California, bought CeramicSpeed OWP and hub, WheelScience wheelset from Australia, new ISM Adamo seat, and SRAM Red with a monster 56-10 12sp system with integrated power meter made out of one block of aluminum. This is a true professional ride worth around $14,000.

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