11 Days to go

roo-logo11 Days to go till the 2016 Ironman World Championship. Yesterday I completed Brick 2. I rode 60.66m/97.5km in 2:33:05. The 90km segment was achieved in 2:20:15 at 285watts, 88rpm, 134avg HR and 81F/27C. The humidity was climbing as there was cloud cover and a rain drop here and there. From work I headed to the Tropic of Capricorn up the only real hill around and finished back in town. I came home and FiFi was on the bike trainer. I transitioned to a 30min run covering 3.9m/6.27km on HR of 135. I felt pretty decent and would have finished off the run around 177lbs/80.5kg; my lowest-ever racing weight fuelled with our mostly-vegan diets.

I took Coach Sydney for a walk and listened to Rex Mooney and Skye Price give me the decision on my Appeal http://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2016/09/22/storm-in-the-town-pool-ironman-banned/of the AS Town Council via voice message. They offered me the pool to myself from 5AM-6AM Tues-Fri. Obviously this would not work for multiple reasons, the most important one being the additional physical stress my body would receive from waking up this early before flying for 22 hours to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Friday. They also offered me the chance to compete at the Alice Springs Masters Games triathlon, an event I won two years ago and had signed up for in early September before I knew there was any issue with me at the Town Pool. (Remember, it was Matt from Lasseter’s who somehow knew all these confidential reports before I knew them). Then, they said the trespassing ban would remain in place which meant that I would have no use of the indoor 25m pool or outdoor 50m pool at the ASALC until March 9th, 2017, it would also mean that I could not compete in any triathlon held in town since they are held, at the pool. So that means for 2 weeks leading up to Kona I will have no use of the public pool.

It was obvious that a decision was made and that there was no overruling it. It appears that the half dozen letters of support from friends and sponsors, including well-respected people of Alice Springs had minimal, if any, impact since these letters were matched with an orchestrated series of additional letters and complaints filed against me that I was not offered to view or hear. To date, all I have from Town Council is A) a letter noting the proper use of lanes (no complaint was included in the letter) and B) a 6 month trespassing ban.

Where I come from we have a judicial system that is based upon “Innocence until proven guilty”; there is a prosecution and a defence, something I was never given the opportunity to have in any emails, phone conversations, or face to face discussions. It’s also interesting that in the confidential Complaint 2 (when I touched a man’s foot in an attempt to get his attention while swimming, for taking our belongings), a female eye-witness was identified. Of course that was my wife and was never contacted by pool management. With so many negative allegations about me, positive character references seem to have accomplished nothing other than Rex and Skye knowing the exact reasons and people behind this bullying and attack campaign that has lasted for more than a year.

Going forward I’ll be enjoying Kava Lava fro20160927am one of our local sponsors who display the values that I try and maintain but that have been devalued towards myself by others: truth, honour, and loyalty. I’ll join the Coyle-McPherson team and our family, friends, and supporters in Kona and display professionalism and positive attitudes in my inaugural Kona performance. Then, I’ll come back and plan my Ironman New Zealand season. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide the level of Coaching support for the 2 newbies that will be joining Fiona and I in IM New Zealand which is a shame since Fiona and I helped Karen qualify for 70.3 (declined) and IM Worlds in the same year, a newbie Deb come 4th in her first ever IM, and Lynnie take off an hour from her first 70.3. With all I’ve done to support others without any form of compensation from individuals to local clubs it really makes me question why I should do anything for anyone else. But then, I think of the bonds and relationships I have formed with Karen, Deb, and Lynnie and realize that its not about how many friendships you form, it’s about how meaningful they are. All I need to do is look at my wall.

Being banned from the ASALC, Lasseters Health Club, and a Facebook Group Page have nothing to do with me changing lanes or touching someone’s foot. It has to deal with hate. I don’t know what I’ve done to be subjected to such hate and it’s beyond disappointing.



3 responses to “11 Days to go

  1. You were banned from the club’s FB page because of a transparency issue. You have blocked all the site admins from your personal FB page. This prevents us from seeing your likes/dislikes on the club page. We need to be able to monitor the page without asking club members as to who has commented. We do not hate you.


    • The Alice Springs Triathlon Club has no right whatsoever to ban me from their Facebook page and highlights everything wrong at the moment with this organized attack against me. There is no policy in the ASTC constitution on this and I have done nothing wrong. I assumed I was only banned after I put an angry face on a video posted of a bunch of ppl dancing around in spandex and a video of an idiot doing something dangerous on a bike. None of these are positive nor promote the sport of Triathlon in a good light. It’s unprofessional and wreckless and should have no place whatsoever being on the public forum. This should only be put on a persons private page, not a Club Page. Instead of realizing what my criticism was intended for and Communicating with me about why I put negative criticism, the ASTC simply banned me, once again. If the club doesn’t want criticisms, than get off of Facebook. This is social media and a place where comments are allowed to be provided. You’ve taken away my right to comment positively on friends successes in ASTC events and this is singling me out. And as for transparency? Yea, I blocked all the site admins i.e. everyone on the committee because everything you all have collectively done to me over the last year i.e. you wanted me banned from the sport I love for 2 years. I don’t want you looking at my information and I don’t want to be friends with any of you. But I have the right just like the other 712 ppl on your page to choose non-transparency and post what I want. Bullying at its finest. As per the face to face meeting with Miles Stewart, CEO of Triathlon Australia, if there was an issue with me and the club, I was to be Communicated with first and if this fails then Triathlon Australia to be consulted so I assume Megan Pickering knows all about this as I will be consulting this with her when I see here after I get back from the Ironman World Championship.


  2. Can’t wait until Darwin Tri Club also bans you when they realise how much of a self absorbed cock you are!!!!!!


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