A Beautiful World

If you don’t realize how amazing the world is, fly during the day and look out the window.

I’m currently in transit from Tucson, Arizona USA to Alice Springs, Australia via San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. As the 15 row plane climbed out of Tucson the mountains became more prominent. While very similar to the flight into Alice in terms of dry river beds and mountains, little if any green exists in the south-west. Visually you could see mountain tops and their empty river flows into valleys, into vast open areas without roads, houses, or infrastructure.

Soon, I saw mountaintops covered with snow, lakes, and cities. I saw irrigation systems fueling plants to provide nourishment to the America’s and beyond. We descended into SFO with a complex system, working in unison, to live, work, and play.

Shortly thereafter, our Boeing 737 climbed out of SFO to LA and I had a much better view from seat 1A in Business Class. I saw the mountains, valleys, and diverse terrain. It was amazing and beautiful.

As we descended within an hour into LA the mountains continued to emerge and the LA complexities arose. Even as the nose of the plane dispersed into the layer of cloud, smog, and fog I was amazed at what I saw. Looking out the window at only a small piece of the 4 Million LA inhabitants, you realize what we humans are capable of. And, it is hard to fathom; it’s hard to appreciate in words. I mean, you look out this window and see so much, all made by human hands… and then there are the mountains, rivers, and oceans made for us by the Creator.

While traveling, one can see how work-focused and fast-paced we are. From phones, computers, and tablets, our mind is occupied constantly. In fact it’s a shame. We are so preoccupied by such inconsequential material that we fail to realize and appreciate what we have created.

I’m not an engineer or a scientist but I don’t know if the Passion and Love of life that I have and appreciation for the natural and unnatural world is conceived by all. But as Fiona and I look to build our future together I believe we both can appreciate how amazing the world is. So whether you believe in a higher power or you don’t, if you look at what we can do as a society, one could see through those actions that Anything Is Possible.

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