2018 Old Pueblo 50Mile Ultra

Yesterday I competed in and finished my first ever 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon. When I think back at the hardest things I have done: Mt Washington Hill Climb, Ironman Western Australia 9:22 PB, Ironman Hawaii World Championship 10:21, my first 50KM Ultra in January covering 32.5 miles over 5hr24min, or a few weeks ago running up Mt. Lemmon and then running a marathon on this Old Pubelo course the very next day, this was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But, it was exciting, challenging, adventurous, and exactly what I prescribed to help bring my IRONMAN training to a new level. After some quick recovery, I will be back into my full training load in pursuit of Personal Bests at IRONMAN Cairns and the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii this year.

I’m not allowed to cover a phone during triathlon (nor would I want to). But in the 2018 Old Pueblo 50 Mile Ultra, I documented from start to finish.

I spent around 3 hours putting this video together so I really hope you enjoy it and share it!

Again, thank you to the Race Director, Volunteers, friends, and those that have paved the way for ultra-running on this course, one of the most difficult 50milers in the USA for over 35 years!

Huge Respect to anyone that competed on the day in the 25miler, 50miler, or incredible 75mile runs!

OP50 YouTube Video!!!



7 responses to “2018 Old Pueblo 50Mile Ultra

    • Altra Olympus shoes, detmax socks, wattieink tri shorts, wattieink singlet, wahoo hr monitor, wattie cap, oakley racing jacket prescription sunglasses, trail ascend 2liter camelpak with hawaiin punch, several oacks of clif shit bloks

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      • I was going to ask about the socks just as that part came along in the video, about 6:30 into it. Did you treat your nutrition the same as in an Ironman?


      • Drymax are amazing. I just bought a pair yesterday for cairns and kona. This model will be for heat runs. I carboloaded for one day instead of 2 with 4,000 calories or so. Morning was 2 regular redbulls, banana, large bagel. I had 200calorie cliff shot bloks 5min before start. I ate probably every 30min and at aid stations had bananas, oranges, pumpkin pie, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, cheese quesadilla. I had plenty of energy all day long with coke and mt dew at each aid station. I took poo 4x but that is my trending bowl issue and not stomach issues. So it wasnt nutrition, it was altitude and not doing enough long and hard runs. But training for ironman and a 50miler at the same time is nuts!

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  1. Mate you are so up yourself!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Firstly, you are not a triathlete. You Do not get paid to compete, therefore you’re someone who enjoys triathlon and it is a hobby!!!!


    • Firstly, my blog started out as a way to go back to race reports, it has turned into primarilly race and training reports to provide insights and also inspire others. I swim, bike, and run and compete in triathlons, how am I not a triathlete? Obviously I enjoy triathlon, it is a passion which is why I base most things in my life around it. Correct, I do not get paid. I am not sponsored, nor ever claimed to be. I am an amateur and not in the Professional field. What are you reading that thought you claimed I was ever more than that?


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